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A warning to Councils, landlords, property owners and employers regarding Legionella disease.


From the simplest repair to large complex commercial installations, Plumb Tomato can always offer the best possible solution.

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It may be a domestic boiler service or the installation of a new heating system, the quality of our workmanship is always as expected.

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A small blockage in a waste pipe or a complex new drainage system required. Our expert engineers are available to help 24/7   

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We specialise in the installation, service and maintenance of all boilers, backed up with our 24/7 call out service   

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We can install and refurbish plant rooms from the most complex pipework and pump systems for a variety of different purposes.

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We cover all types of bathroom design and fitting and installation from compact flats to luxury hotels.

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Our engineers are trained to install the most complex pressurised commercial and domestic heating systems.

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Commercial toilet installations are planned and installed from floor to ceiling and can be used for almost any application.   

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A warning to Councils, landlords, property owners and employers regarding Legionella disease.

Plumb Tomatoes is warning councils, landlords, property owners and employers about the potential of a serious public health following the latest lifting of COVID-19 trading restrictions.

With public buildings, restaurants, pubs, sports facilities, bed & breakfasts, hotels, hairdressers and many other leisure establishments being closed for extended periods of time, we feel there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the potential spread of Legionnaires’ disease.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe type of pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacterium. This disease can be serious if not treated immediately. Most people catch Legionnaires' disease by inhaling the bacteria from water droplets dispersed through taps and showers.

Lockdowns have meant the plumbing systems of the above-mentioned establishments aren’t being used. If these redundant systems are not being correctly maintained, which Plumb Tomatoes believes could be the case for many establishments, they can relatively quickly become the ideal environment for Legionella bacteria to grow, as Legionella bacteria multiplies in stagnant water, poorly designed water systems and in water with temperatures between 20 degrees C and 45 degrees C.

Although Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal it is also treatable. However, to complicate matters, the symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease are similar to the symptoms associated with COVID-19 - high temperature, feverishness and chills, coughing, muscle pains, headache and diarrhoea with the potential to lead to pneumonia.

Councils, landlords and employers have a legal duty to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria. Risk assessments, precautionary actions and remedial work can be implemented to protect against Legionnaires’ disease. However, we believe the vast majority of landlords and employers are unaware of their legal duty and of the actions that need to be taken.

These are unprecedented times and never have so many buildings been closed for so long without any thought for bringing these buildings back into use, which if not facilitated correctly could lead to a serious outbreak of Legionnaires disease just as the country and the NHS recover from COVID-19.

Plumb Tomatoes is advising for councils, landlords, property owners and employers to take action now by contacting a suitably qualified plumbing and heating engineer  in order to carry out a risk assessment, advise on precautionary measures and, if required, implement remedial work.

If you require any further advice, please call us on 01753 655110

Richard Barratt

Project & Compliance Manager

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